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About Sugar Mama's Sweets and Treats

At Sugar Mama's, we don't just talk about freshness; we bake it into every dessert.  You can actually taste the difference our natural and fresh ingredients make.  Flavors are fuller, richer and creamier.  
All Fresh Ingredients
Our Cupcakes can be found at numerous farmer markets as well as local restaurants!
Signature Cupcakes
$3.00 each or $30.00 per dozen
Premium Cupcakes or Drink Infused
$3.50 each or $35.00 per dozen

include all cupcakes topped with specialty toppings, gourmet candy, or chocolate dipped fruit.  Drink infused consists of your favorite cocktails in a cupcake such as: Sangria, Strawberry champagne, chocolate mudslide or any drink of your choice.
Premium Cupcakes