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We are proud to provide our customers with the finest gourmet cupcakes around.  We can personally customize any cupcake flavor to your liking or to fit any theme.  24-48 hours notice needed for larger party orders.

Paint the Town Red Velvet
Southern red velvet cake, iced in cream cheese frosting and topped with a chocolate covered cherry.
Lemon Sunshine
​Luscious lemon cake, iced in lemon cream cheese frosting.  The perfect blend of creamy, sweet and tart.
​Pina Colada
Coconut cake loaded with chunks of pineapple, iced with a light and fluffy whipped butter cream frosting infused with pineapple.  Topped with coconut.
Cup of Joe
Espresso infused chocolate cake, iced in whipped coffee flavored cream cheese frosting.  Dusted with cocoa and topped with a chocolate covered coffee bean.  It's all the buzz.....
Killer Chocolate Cupcake
Moist chocolate cake, iced in whipped chocolate butter cream and topped with chocolate chips.
Delectable yellow cake with orange zest and hints of cinnamon, topped with brandy and sweet red wine velvety frosting.
Raspberry Truffle
​Moist chocolate cake with hints of chopped truffle, topped with a whipped raspberry flavored butter cream frosting.  Topped with mini kisses.
Strawberry fields
Flffy strawberry cake, iced in strawberry flavored butter cream, topped with a fresh chocolate covered strawberry.
Nutella Hazelnut
Delicious chocolate cake with hints of hazelnut baked in, frosted with a hazlenut nutella mousse and topped with a pirouline.
Peanut Butter Cupcake
Moist chocolate cake, topped with chocolate peanut butter cream frosting and topped with crushed peanut butter cups.
Banana Mudslide
Classic yellow cake topped with a creamy banana frosting, topped with mounds of graham cracker crumbs and drizzled with a chocolate glaze.
White Wedding Cake
Classic moist white cake topped wth your choice of frosting, perfect for any special occasion.
After Ate
Chocolate cake with hints of mint sandwich cookies and topped with mint butter cream frosting.  Sure to be refreshing on your pallet.
Many Many More Flavors to Choose from
Including our Seasonal Flavors

Gluten Free Cupcakes made available upon request